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Thank you for visiting my site and looking at the paintings - I hope that you enjoy them! If you would like to purchase one, feel free to contact me using the Contact Us page in the website menu. It’s always lovely to hear feedback, so please leave a comment if you like.


I have also recently branched out into some other items and so now there is a choice of boats and seas on cushions and mugs.


I have always loved art and especially creating colour and light.

For many years I didn’t paint at all, but in the last three years, more and more friends have encouraged me to produce more and more and it is the thing I really love. I started to work on canvas two years ago and now there is a full range of sizes from large scale canvas down to smaller detailed work. I am particularly drawn to the sky and sea, boats and birds, anywhere really where there is a sense of space and wind in my hair. Being near the sea is very important to me. 

If you want to ask about the price of anything please do, using the contact form . I'm happy to ship anywhere . The cost of the paintings varies really by size and is normally between £200- £600. In terms of items like the cushions within the UK, these normally take two weeks so the sooner i know what you want, the quicker I can have them made up for you. 

Whatever you think of them, I hope you enjoy looking at them.

Many Thanks,



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